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  • Profit Target
  • Daily Drawdown 1
  • Max. Leverage
  • Contract Limit
  • Eligible Daily Profit 2
  • Min. Trading Days
  • Duration
  • Profit Share 3
  • Max. Drawdown

1. If your equity decreases by 5% or more from the starting level within a single trading day, you will be disqualified from the challenge.
2. Your eligible daily profit is up to 2.5% of the profit target. Example: For $50k Challenge, profit target is $5k (10%), which means max eligible daily profit is $1.250 (2.5%).
3. You will earn 80% of the Challenge’s Profit Target (10%).


How it works

Phase 1

Evaluation Process

The first challenge you undertake is to prove your trading skills on achieving the objectives. Passing the challenge indicates you ready and have what it takes to start trading profitably.

Payout: Eligible for a refund

Phase 2

Start Earning 

Once you pass your first challenge, you will be eligible for earning profits. Trade responsibly and consistently and receive up to 80% of your profit targets.

Payout: 80% of Profit Target + Phase 1 Refund

One time off evaluation stage

From your 2nd challenge onwards

Get Rewarded

Your Payouts

Congratulations! You are rocking it! You passed few challenges and now its time to reap your rewards. Simply login to your account, navigate to Payouts, select amount and get paid.

Keep hitting your targets to maximize your earnings

One time off evaluation stage

From your 2nd challenge onwards

Keep hitting your targets to maximize your earnings

Built by Traders, for Traders. Your Trading Ideas.

At Challenges, we leverage cutting-edge trading technology to provide users with a seamless and efficient trading experience.
  • Clear & Simple Trading Rules
  • Flexible Trading
  • Quick Customer Service
  • No Monthly Fee
  • Easy Payout
  • Quick Funding

Your Portal at a glance

Our Technology

Trading Technology

As we all know, successful traders have a numerical addiction - and if you are just getting started, you at the right place.

Through our intuitive trader portal, you can monitor all of your trading activities with our platform. Everything you require on our streamlined, newly designed interface.

Payment Methods

Flexible Payout and
Purchase Options

Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cryptos, and Binance are all supported payment options. Depending on the location, online bank transfers are also accessible.

Everything you need to know

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.
Why is Challenges your best option?

We are from the same world as you. We trade as well. We developed and optimized the finest programs for our traders using that experience. We want traders to succeed in Challenges, earn payouts, and even grow their accounts to max profitability. Thus, we have created a program with straightforward, simple trading guidelines. We’ve made it effortless to monitor your success with our dashboards and industry-leading technology.

Why should I trade with Challenges?

Mastering the art of trading presents its own set of challenges. Hours are invested in refining skills, analyzing markets, and implementing prudent risk management, all to identify a handful of lucrative trades. Having devoted substantial effort, it’s now time to leverage that hard work through a virtually funded account. Undercapitalization, a prevalent hurdle for successful traders, involves managing accounts that are insufficiently funded.

As a virtually funded trader with Challenges, you retain up to 90% of your profits. For instance, if your trading prowess yields a 30% return in a month, but your available trading capital is a mere $5,000, the 30% return may not justify the time invested. However, with a virtual fund of $100.000, a 30% return where you keep up to 90% translates into a significantly more rewarding outcome for your valuable time.

Trading inherently carries risks; even accomplished traders face periods of break-even or losses. A distinct advantage of trading with Challenges is that you bear no responsibility for losses; Challenges covers all losses.

Beyond the opportunity to trade a substantial account with virtual capital, Challenges enhances your trading discipline by enforcing straightforward rules that emphasize robust risk management without stifling your trading choices. This approach helps eradicate tendencies like over-trading, revenge trading, or excessive leveraging. Joining the Challenges team often results in traders developing a more responsible approach to risk management.

Who can trade with Challenges? Challenges welcomes individuals aged 18 and above to engage in trading activities. Eligibility is determined by successfully navigating the Challenges , where one must showcase their skills and demonstrate responsible risk management. Upon meeting these criteria, individuals gain the opportunity to manage virtual funds with Challenges. Moreover, business entities have the option to participate as traders.

If you opt to utilize Challenges services on behalf of a business entity or another third party, you are required to affirm that you possess the actual authority to act as an agent for that business entity or third party. It is essential to assert your right and ability to agree to and legally bind the third party or business entity to Challenge Terms and Conditions. Additionally, submission of documentation validating the purchasing individual’s status as a principal within the business entity is mandatory.

Is Challenges a Trustworthy Company?

Certainly! We’re not a fleeting presence; our commitment spans over two years, during which we’ve consistently offered virtual proprietary trading Challenges and simulated Accounts with virtual funds. From the beginning, Challenges boasts a flawless 100% payout record.

Our funding comes from a venture capital group and a holding company, ensuring a solid financial foundation. Challenges emerged from the collective experience of seasoned traders, a background that defines our unique mission: to expedite trader results and assist exceptional traders in maximizing their success.

What is Challenges? Challenges stands as a virtual proprietary trading firm designed to empower traders to achieve enhanced gains in their trading endeavors. To engage in trading with virtual funds, individuals are required to successfully navigate a challenge, showcasing their skills and disciplined approach as proficient traders.

Upon successful completion of the challenge, traders gain access to a simulated account endowed with virtual funds. Notably, traders retain up to 90% of the virtual profits they generate within their account.

Ready to Level Up your trading experience?

Start your journey with TRADE.COM Challenges and redefine your trading adventure. With funded capital, real rewards, cutting-edge technology, and a supportive community, we're not just a prop trading platform; we're your strategic ally in the quest for trading success.