Defining Market Volatility

EdgeZone, is a powerful tool designed to enhance trading decision-making. It meticulously tracks daily, weekly, and monthly highs and lows, offering a comprehensive perspective on market movements.

What sets EdgeZones apart is its unique feature of plotting the 50% average between the VWAP and corresponding extremes.


EdgeZone is based on 3 concepts

Price Trends

A multitude of traders depend on the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP) as an indispensable tool for analyzing & understanding current price trends.

New Highs or new Lows

Recognizing trends often involves pinpointing fresh highs that indicate upward movements or new lows signaling downward shifts.

Supply and Demand

Equilibrium is attained when the quantities of supply and demand reach a point of harmonious balance, ensuring relative equality prevails.


EdgeZone Strategy Overview

50% VWAP Zones can be considered significant since they attempt to identify the equilibrium between market participants within the current trend, serving as key reference points to consider for decision making.

Because of these conflicting mindsets, these zones are thought to display areas of balance between buyers and sellers, which can serve as potential decision points throughout the day.

Example while in an uptrend


Buyers may see price falling to the Hi 50% as an attractive value entry for the continuation upwards.


Sellers may see price falling to the Hi 50% as a change in sentiment with more downwards movement on the way.


Daily Insights

EdgeZone draws zones from the daily (High/Low/Close) VWAPs and the Day's (High/Low/Close) extremes.

Technically speaking, an average between vwap and extreme is a single point, to make these into zones I am using multiple sources for vwap and tracking different points of the bar throughout the day (ex. Close VWAP & Daily Highest Close).


Weekly/Monthly Insights

Weekly and Monthly are only displaying the Average Price between the VWAP and the (Weekly or Monthly) High/Low.

These hold up as important levels for speculation; however, since most action will be discovered at the daily zones, I am not displaying the zones for the Weekly and Monthly to keep noise to a minimum.

Unlocking Trading Efficiency

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